Ugu, this fricking scene… All my shipping feels…

This scene really shows a lot of what Bolin’s relationship with Korra is, and wordlessly too. He takes her out to see the city sights, but the most beautiful thing to him isn’t the skylights, or even Korra in a physical sense (though both are beautiful). It’s being with Korra. Korra’s pose here is far from “sexy”, she honestly looks hilarious, but that’s when Bolin looks down at her in awe. Because though Bolin obviously thinks Korra is hot, it’s her, her presence, personality, that Bolin is really in love with. Everything Bolin’s done for Korra was to make her feel happy. This whole date was to cheer Korra up and let her have fun (which is why I seriously doubt she went on the date to make Mako jealous like some of the fandom thinks). As much as Bolin would want Korra to kiss or make-out or havesexytime with him, as long as Korra’s happy, he’s happy. Just being with her makes him feel like “The luckiest guy in the world.”

And this is why I’m so insane over Borra. I can only hope that Korra will realize how wonderful, and gentlemanly, and decent, and gorgeous Bolin is, and how much he cares about her, as a person. I mean, just turn around Korra!! There is a sex god with his hair blowing in the f**king wind right behind you!!

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