Have some baby sky bison on your blog!


Have some baby sky bison on your blog!

The Legend of Korra panel at SDCC

There’s an old story about a secret pass right through the mountains.

Is this real or a legend?

Oh, it’s a real legend. And it’s as old as earthbending itself. [x]


From CinemaBlend (Source:

"Going into detail about the situation, DiMartino said that this move is actually just one part of a much larger “sea-change” currently going on in…


1. This is not necessarily a hiatus. All we know is Nick pulled the previously scheduled airings after episode 8. Let’s only report on the facts please.
2. Yes NickAndMore is a credible source: they are getting this info right from Nick schedules
3. Korra is not cancelled unless we hear it is.
4. Likely Nick will reschedule the episodes for a different time, probably on NickToons
5. We will hey answers at the Comic-Con panel on Friday

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Download Book 3 Logoless Episodes (Masterpost) [Non-torrent links for episodes 4 & 5 to come shortly.]


The following links are torrents for the logoless episodes 1-5 of Book 3: 

All of the episodes are in .mp4 format and are HD (1280 by 720 pixels). 

"A Breath of Fresh Air" (S03E01): (x
"Rebirth" (S03E02): (x)
"The Earth Queen" (S03E03): (x
"In Harm’s Way" (S03E04): (x
"The Metal Clan" (S03E05): (x

Non-torrent links: 

"A Breath of Fresh Air" (S03E01): (x
"Rebith" (S03E02): (x
"The Earth Queen" (S03E03): (x


Enjoy, and please let me know if the download links (the non-torrent links) get removed at any point!


do you ever get mad because there’s so much wasted potential in characters and relationships and plotlines in some shows


This petition is really picking up steam. With over 2,500 signers from all over the world, this document represents a collective determination that will forever define this fandom.

We are not sure how the creators of this petition will present it to Nickelodeon, or how the network will receive it, but even if nothing comes from it, we can all feel proud as fans of this franchise for standing up and making our voices heard.


Let’s just stop and take a moment to appreciate the fact that they’ve even animated the fucking pupil light reflex correctly.
(*sigh* I freaking love Legend of Korra…)


Let’s just stop and take a moment to appreciate the fact that they’ve even animated the fucking pupil light reflex correctly.

(*sigh* I freaking love Legend of Korra…)


Team Avatar: Female Friendships.


1.5 million viewers for the premiere?! REALLY?! I’m not usually one to fuss over this stuff, but the fact that something this anticipated got such low ratings, even by Nick standards (lower than a Sanjay and Craig special, for Raava’s sake!), is baffling.

Like I’ve said…

Operation Save Korra!



Recently we found out that Book 3’s premiere was the lowest watched Avatar premiere of all time. This was terrible news for our fandom. The bad ratings, obviously, stem from the fact that Nickelodeon do not care about Korra for some unknown reason. So we need to show them we do!

Things we can do to help:

  1. Tweet @nickelodeonTV and tell them that you were unable to watch Book 3 due to the date - tell them Saturday is better. Saturday helped Korra get higher ratings during the Book 1 days and more people are free on Saturday which will give it bigger ratings. Even if you live outside the US, you can lie and just say that you were still unable to watch it.
  2. Tweet @nickelodeonTV and ask them to see if they can start making more trailers. They helped spread the word about upcoming episodes. They used to make trailers for the following episode every week. They no longer do this. 
  3. Inbox nickelodeon & nickanimationstudio on Tumblr and ask them about moving to a Saturday timeslot and also ask about making trailers and doing more promo for Korra. If you have any extensions or different and better ideas for your questions, feel free to add them!
  4. Request on Tumblr/Twitter for them to put Korra back on iTunes US. They have removed the entire series and, on top of that, haven’t put Book 3 up yet. Buying a TV series digitally will notify them that is it popular even though most of us do not watch it on TV - Nickelodeon aren’t even giving us the opportunity to do that.


  • Do not be rude to them. Although we all dislike them and they have really annoyed us by not caring about Korra, if we are all mean to them they won’t take notice of what we’re saying as much. 
  • If you have multiple tumblr/twitter accounts, be sure to send them message them on each one of them
  • They may not respond to them all, but if enough people contact them, they will eventually get the message!
  • The plan may not definitely work, but who knows, if they don’t change it for Book 3, they might do for Book 4!
  • Try to make sure all of your questions are slightly altered (change the wording and content of the sentence) than my generic responses… they will probably think it’s the same person doing it if we all say the exact same thing!

I know this might seem like a dumb idea for most people, but Nickelodeon really do not care about Korra & they aren’t about to change their minds anytime soon. We only people who can save it. Mike & Bryan (Avatar’s creators) have said they would love to make an animated Avatar movie to be released in cinemas after Korra is over. If Korra fails in the ratings, Nickelodeon will be less enthusiastic in funding this as they will have the mindset that it will be a waste of money because nobody will watch it.

The more messages Nickelodeon get, the more likely they are to respond to us and make a change (haha).

If you have access to US cable, make sure you watch Book 3 on TV. Book 3 will air every week (excluding July 4th) at 8/7c on Nickelodeon!

Thanks for reading!

The man in charge of Nickelodeon’s scheduling is called Paul Lengyel. You can take it further by emailing him and requesting Korra’s timeslot be changed to Saturday morning. His email is

Please respect that he is a professional person so please don’t send him anything aggressive or rude. Be as polite as possible! Paul has replied to fan emails in the past, so try your best to send him an email about everything I’ve mentioned in this post!

The President of Nickelodeon is named Cyma Zarghami. Her email is Word has it that she never replies to her emails, but it doesn’t hurt to try!

Lets make a change!