Clocks - Sterek Fanfiction

tumblr has officially made me ship sterek, at least in the fandom. here’s my first fic i wrote for them. and yes i have a huge headcanon that stiles is addicted to katy perry. please read/regard warnings

Prompt: A smutty, fluffy, then disturbing, then hurt-comforty fic that takes place during season 3B when Stiles has the nightmares. AU as Stiles and Derek have been a thing for around 2 months.

WARNINGS: tw: sex, tw: language; nightmare section: tw: sexual assault, tw: implied rape


"Screw you," Derek said and leaned towards Stiles, grabbing him into his arms. The muscles on his arms pressed against Stiles’ chest and before Stiles even knew what was happening, Derek was sucking on his neck.

“Oh…. Oh, okay… We’re doing this n-now.” Stiles’ breath was already rapid and erratic. He tried to be sarcastic, cynical, but all he could think of was the wet lips currently giving him a hickey.

Word Count: 2801


It was 3:26pm. Stiles was lying in bed on his chest, blasting “Dark Horse” through his $6 earbuds, and twerking to the beat.

“Cuz’ once you’re mine, once you’re mine…. Hey hey hey- HEY!”

The peaceful scene was interrupted with a loud smack to his rear.

Stiles turned his head and looked up. Sitting on the bed, grinning devilishly, was the only person who’d be crazy enough to interrupt him mid-Katy.

“Derek, I swear to God, if you slap my ass one more time while I’m listening to Katy, I’ll shove mountain ash up yours.”

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We’ll Miss You - Borra Fanfiction


Damn it! I missed the Crime day for Borra week. Well anyway, imagine I posted this yesterday. This was inspired by fanart by the same name. This might make you sad, so be warned.

Characters/Ships: Older Bolin, Borra child; Borra

Word Count: 1221

Warning: Character death


Sya’s head rested on Bolin’s shoulder as she whimpered in grief. Bolin softly stroked her head with one hand, and hugged her tightly to him with another. The funeral proceedings were finally over, the crowd has finished offering their condolences and he’d finally been able to turn his attention to the girl who had just lost her mother at only 7. She was their- his - only child, and he and Korra had always raised her together. Even with her duties as Avatar, and even with him working as head of the metal bender cops, they had always found time to raise their perfect waterbender. Korra was the tougher, serious mother and Bolin the goofy, careful father. He wasn’t sure how he was going to do it alone now. He had to be both of them, and he wasn’t sure if he could be.

"Why did they have to kill her?" Sya asked abruptly. Her blue eyes that were so much like Korra’s stared desperately at Bolin for answers.

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Korra Returns - Legend of Korra Fanfiction

Format: TV Show Script;  756 words (5 script pages)

Characters/Ships: Korra, Tenzin, Lin, Bolin, Mako, and Asami; slight Borra, Makorra, and Masami

Summary: An alternate ending scene to Out of the Past that replaces the Makorra moment with a more balanced Krew scene. Lin quips caringly, Tenzin acts fatherly, Bolin fails at pretending he’s not worried, etc.

Beta:  deoxysugar

Notes: I was sort of annoyed in episode 9 that Mako seemed like the only one who was worried about Korra. It even seemed a bit OOC for Bolin and Tenzin, who have shown how much they care about Korra. Fic inspired by this essayby boxlunch.

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Best Friend - Borra Fanfiction

For Borra week, here’s a story I wrote a few weeks ago. It’s still not totally out of canon, which is amazing. (oh btw this is more than just a friendship story, in spite of the title) Hope you enjoy.

Word Count: 1613 words

Genre: Hurt/Comfort, Fluff

Warning: Character death


Korra looked at Naga too. And suddenly it hit her, what it would be like if Naga died. Naga had always been with her. Back at home - no, still - Naga was her best friend. She trusted Naga with her life, and knew Naga would do anything to protect her. She was what had kept Korra happy, sane, safe. 

And Bolin had lost his equivalent. 

Beta:  deoxysugar

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Amon - Dom Extraordinaire [Legend of Korra Fanfiction]

Prompt: “Amon captures Korra and uses her as his sex slave.” ~Anon

Characters: Korra, Amon (Amorra)

Warning: Stupid, crack, unbeta’d Amorra parody written way too late at night. I wrote it as a joke (as I really wouldn’t be able to keep it serious), so please don’t get offended Amorra shippers. Quirky humor. 

Rating: T+ for kinky references, and foul language 


Korra felt herself being flung onto the ground. Darkness enveloped her as she struggled to see behind her blindfold. The ruckus started to quiet down, and she heard a voice.

"Tarrlok has been taken care of. The Avatar is yours."


Korra ran down what had just happened in her mind. Tarrlok had kidnapped her. Bloodbended, then threw her in a truck. Then, she had felt a huge slam against the truck, a scream of pain from Tarrlok that she relished hearing, and then a blindfold over her eyes. Out of the frying pan and into the fire, Korra thought. What was Amon going to do to her? Torture her for information on her friends? Take her bending away? Keep her as hostage? Whatever it was, she wasn’t particularly in the mood to deal with it.

"Korra," she heard an oddly sultry voice command. She looked up, heart pounding through her chest. She felt a cold grip on her skin and a hand ripped off her blindfold.

The sight she saw almost sent her into the Avatar State from shock.

It was Amon, decked out in full leather Dom gear. He was naked except for leather underwear and the pieces over his unsurprisingly muscular chest.

"Tonight Korra… The only thing you’ll be bending is to my will," Amon smoldered at her. Through his ice cold composure, she noticed he was rocking back and forth the slightest bit on his heels like a little boy excited for ice cream.

"… Excuse me?" Korra had forgotten about her restraints and had a huge grin on her face.

"You’re my sex slave!" Amon said, puffing out his chest. "You must be punished for being a bender."

This fucking city, Korra thought. “And that’s why you kidnapped me?” she asked. “So you could have kinky sex?”

"Well I-… it’s very lonely!"

And with that, Korra lost it. She fell down and rolled with laughter that made her have tears in her eyes. “HOLY SHOT, SPIRITS!! I CAN’T EVEN! AANG TAKE THE WHEEL!!”

"St-Stop laughing! I’ll take your bending away swine!"

"I’d like to see you try with the amount of gear you have in your hands."

Amon leaned in and grabbed Korra’s face, pulling it up to his eyes. Anger was in his eyes, but behind that was pure floundering.

"I’ll- make you submit so hard that-" Amon rambled, trying and failing at keeping his cold composure. "Your past lives will feel it!"

With that, Korra breathed fire in Amon’s face.


Korra jumped up, so over this night.

"I’m gonna go now."

She headbutted Amon in the face, cracking his mask. He fell backwards onto the ground. Korra cut her ropes with bending, reached down and grabbed the whip that had fallen out of Amon’s hand.

"Wha- What are you going to do with that?"

Korra smirked, and twirled the whip in her hands devilishly as she looked at his exposed body.

Maybe the night wasn’t quite over.

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Press Conference [Borra Drabble]

so this is the first prompt for someone else I’ve written…. hope it’s okay!

Characters: Bolin, Korra


Rating: K+

Length: 572 words

Warning: Unbeta’d

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Jealously Is a Dangerous Beast [Borra Drabble]

Title: Jealously Is a Dangerous Beast

Description: What happens when you decide to write sexual Borra at 3 am.

Characters: Bolin, Korra; Borra, Implied Masami, one-sided Makorra

Rating: TV-14 for sexual content, language

Length: 373 words

Warning: Quirky humor

Beta:  deoxysugar


Bolin was in way over his head. Just looking at Korra’s pants lying on the floor could tell him that. Bolin’s ripped-open shirt could as well. Korra was walking over to him, crazed lust in her eyes. It was honestly terrifying.

How had this happened? Even though he knew, Bolin still couldn’t comprehend that it was jealously, insane, insane jealously of Asami that had driven Korra to do this.

"Spirits, Korra," Bolin breathed out. She smiled at him.

Korra grabbed her shirt, and lifted it off.

And for the first time in his life, Bolin saw what he’d dreamed about so many times.


Korra smirked, and then did a little spin, using every opportunity to show her assets off to Bolin.

Then, she sat on Bolin’s lap, and pushed her chest out towards Bolin’s face, giving him a sight that almost gave him a nosebleed.  

"You… You need to put your shirt back on, Korra!" Bolin said, saying words he never in hell would have thought he would say.

"What?" Korra said, and backed up in confusion. Bolin knew that part of his brain would regret what he was about to say for the rest of his life. But that part regretted a lot of things.

"You shouldn’t be doing this just to get back at Mako. I know what you think of me and…" the next part Bolin could barely say without breaking down. "I don’t want you to settle for anyone. Or give up your body to anyone but the one you truly want."

Korra stopped. She looked at Bolin for a long time. He looked back at her, trying not to show the pain in his eyes.


Korra got up at walked over to her clothes. She sat away from Bolin, and silently put on her pants and shirt.

And then she stood back up and faced Bolin.

"So now what? I guess I just go?"

"Korra," Bolin said, pleading. "All I want is for you to do that to me again… But not if you’ll regret it right afterwards. Please. Just understand what I’m saying. I-"

"Yeah, whatever," Korra said. She looked at Bolin with slight resentment, or maybe just Korra’s form of embarrassment, then walked out of the bedroom into the cold night.

…. Fuck my life, Bolin thought.

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What I’m Here For [Borra]

Title: What I’m Here For (Legend of Korra Fic)

Description: Bolin comforts Korra after an argument with Tenzin leaves her feeling alone.

Characters: Bolin, Korra; Borra

Rating: TV-14 for mild sexual content, mild language, some fluff

Length: 1367 words

Beta:  deoxysugar   perplexingPariah

Warning: Out of canon. The story takes place between episode 5 and 6, so just keep that in mind or you’ll be really confused why Bolin’s still living in the Probending attic.


Bolin’s eyes opened. He blinked twice, and looked around the room hazily. Why had he woken up? He was usually the heaviest sleeper known to man.

Pabu was up too, and he was looking out the window that had a view of Air Temple Island. Bolin stretched, and got up. With a yawn, he looked out the window and tried to see what Pabu was looking at.


"Go to sleep crazy ferret," he said drowsily.

And then, there was a sound.

Bolin squinted, and could swear he saw something moving towards him.

Suddenly, Korra was right in front of him.

Bolin fell backwards with a crash. He sat up, surprised, and saw Korra standing by the edge of the window, waterbending herself dry.

Bolin wondered if he was still dreaming.

"Hey Bo," Korra said, her voice slightly cracked. "Can I come in?"

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Just Children - Legend of Korra Fanfic

Characters: Bolin,  Meelo, Ikki, Jinora (no romance)

Prompt: Meelo, Ikki and Jinora are in danger, and Bolin’s the only one who can save them from The Equalists.  Inspired by the fanart: My Hero 

Format: Oneshot

Length: 2049 words

Beta: deoxysugar  perplexingpariah

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Meditating - Legend of Korra Fanfic

Pairing: Borra

Prompt: Bolin makes a house call to Korra the morning after her failed “duel” with Amon.  

Format: TV Script 

Length: 1214 words (7 pages)

Beta: deoxysugar

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Nightmares - Legend of Korra Fanfic
(guys this is my first fanfic I’m posting to tumblr… someone hold me)
Pairing: Borra

Prompt: What if the Delivery Lady hadn’t cut off Korra and Bolin’s conversation when he went to deliver the gifts?

Format: TV Script (I’m a rebel)

Length: 669 words (5 pages)

Beta: perplexingpariah   deoxysugar

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