What I’m Here For [Borra]

Title: What I’m Here For (Legend of Korra Fic)

Description: Bolin comforts Korra after an argument with Tenzin leaves her feeling alone.

Characters: Bolin, Korra; Borra

Rating: TV-14 for mild sexual content, mild language, some fluff

Length: 1367 words

Beta:  deoxysugar   perplexingPariah

Warning: Out of canon. The story takes place between episode 5 and 6, so just keep that in mind or you’ll be really confused why Bolin’s still living in the Probending attic.


Bolin’s eyes opened. He blinked twice, and looked around the room hazily. Why had he woken up? He was usually the heaviest sleeper known to man.

Pabu was up too, and he was looking out the window that had a view of Air Temple Island. Bolin stretched, and got up. With a yawn, he looked out the window and tried to see what Pabu was looking at.


"Go to sleep crazy ferret," he said drowsily.

And then, there was a sound.

Bolin squinted, and could swear he saw something moving towards him.

Suddenly, Korra was right in front of him.

Bolin fell backwards with a crash. He sat up, surprised, and saw Korra standing by the edge of the window, waterbending herself dry.

Bolin wondered if he was still dreaming.

"Hey Bo," Korra said, her voice slightly cracked. "Can I come in?"

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